(Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan & Sri Lanka)

Editors: Prashant Das, Ramya Aroul  & Julia Freybote | Routledge (UK): 2019

This book provides insights into commercial and residential real estate markets in one of the world’s fastest growing regions: South Asia. Despite being the growth leader of the future, South Asia is among the “least integrated” regions with a large need for real estate-specific information and knowledge. Scholars and industry practitioners of a variety of backgrounds come together to provide pan-regional and country-specific insights into -amongst others- institutional, economic and real estate market characteristics, real-estate specific legislations, real estate financing, development and urban planning practices in Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, the Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. A particular focus of the book is on topics such as the provision of affordable housing, sustainability, innovative office concepts such as coworking and the development of REIT markets in South Asia.

This book integrates knowledge on real estate markets in and across South Asian countries by means of country profiles and case studies to provide industry professionals, policy makers and scholars with a fundamental understanding of characteristics, opportunities and challenges in the region. The book is intended for readers with interests in real estate development, finance and investment, urban planning and housing in South Asia. It is also suitable as reference textbook for undergraduate and graduate students in programs focusing on real estate, economic development, urban planning and public policy in South Asia and other emerging countries.

Dr. Jeffrey Fisher

Dr. Jeffrey Fisher (Indiana University & NCREIF) releasing the book during HFE Conference, Lausanne

Dr. Crocker Liu

Dr. Crocker Liu (Cornell University) releasing the book during HFE Conference, Lausanne


Authors: Prashant Das, Divyanshu Sharma  | SAGE Publications: 2014

Real Estate Finance in India‘ offers a concise yet comprehensive understanding of real estate finance in India. Functioning, instruments, and decision analysis related to home loans and residential mortgage banking is the central theme of the book. This knowledge is also extended to commercial real estate borrowing and secondary markets. The contents are organized to offer practically useful and theoretically sound knowledge of the subject matter. Real estate investors (institutional or individuals), academics, students, professionals, and generalist real estate enthusiasts will find the book useful for their learning and real-life applications. The book systematically progresses from basic financial concepts to more complex discussions (such as exotic home loan types and their analysis). Realistic scenarios, examples, expert opinions, illustrations, and, most importantly, hands-on financial exercises are extensively used to offer a concrete knowledge of the intricacies of finance. Beyond solved examples, the book also offers practice problems with answers so that a reader understands the financial instruments. Instructors are provided with PowerPoint presentations for the various chapters.


A copy of the book “Real Estate Finance in India” presented to the Ambassador of India to the UN (Geneva, Switzerland) HE Ajit Kumar

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Reviews of the Book (Industry audience)

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Authors: Nan Hua, Ph.D., Barry A.N. Bloom, Ph.D., Agnes L. DeFranco, Ed.D., Toni Repetti, Ph.D., Twila Mae Logan, Ph.D., Dipendra Singh Mann, Ph.D., Peng Liu, Ph.D., Prashant Das, Ph.D. and Arun Upneja, Ph.D. | Kendall Hunt Publishers, USA | 2021

ISBN: 978-1-7924-4048-9


This textbook encompasses four parts, introducing finance theories and contextualized decision making with a clear articulation as to how, individually and collectively, they are shaping the future of hospitality financial management.

Part I sets the foundation of hospitality financial management by introducing the concept of contextualized decision making, revisiting the accounting fundamentals, and providing an overview of hospitality financial management.

Part II centers on explaining financial instruments and markets, financial decision-making behaviors, risks, and risk management in the hospitality context.

The core ideas of value and valuation will be introduced and explained in Part III with user-friendly, Excel-based, real-life examples against the backdrop of the intertwined themes of finance and contextualized decision making. Areas of particular interest include time value of money, projection of future financial benefits, financing the growth of a business, valuation models and decision criteria, and hotel feasibility analysis.

And lastly, Part IV discusses intricacies of hospitality financial management, emphasizing the separation and specialization of several critical management aspects of practice foci with a healthy supply of examples throughout.

This textbook features mini case studies, extensive instructor materials, interactive interfaces, versatile platform accessibility, and built-in test banks readily tailorable.


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