Short Stories

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Here are some short stories in English:

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Title: “Freedom”


“…One fine weekend afternoon, when it started raining in Moradabad, Tariq and his dad sat in the balcony chatting over the sips of hot cardamom latte tea. Enjoying the faint splashes of the drizzles, Abbu asked him “Tariq, is the snow fall in New York as beautiful as these rains in our neighborhood?…” 

The moral struggles of an Indian expatriate who does not know which paradigm he belongs more to: childhood or career.

Title: “The midnight Yell”

midnight yell

“…Wake up sirs”, a sudden raucous noise from a boy penetrated through the ears of travelers. It was late night. A bus full of passengers had just halted at a highway side restaurant that resembled a huge street-side snack-vendor of rural India…” 

A very successful doctor settled abroad visits his village after several years in search of his memories: some good, some bad.


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