Peer reviewed journal publications

  1. The Cross-Over Effect of Irrational Investor Sentiments in Commercial and Residential Real Estate Markets’ (Forthcoming), with Das, P., Füss, R.; Hanle, B. & Russ, I.,  Journal of Banking and Finance (SSCI list)

  2. Caste, Faith, Gender: Determinants of Homeownership in Urban India (2019), with N. E. Coulson & A. Ziobrowski. Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics (SSCI list): Vol 59 Issue 1, pp 27-55. | View Full Text Online

  3. Pricing Extreme Attributes in Commercial Real Estate: The Case of Hotel Transactions (2018), with P. Smith & P. Gallimore. Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics (SSCI list): Vol 57 Issue 2, pp 264-296 | View Online

  4. Online Information Search, Market Fundamentals and Apartment Real Estate (2015), with A. Ziobrowski and E. Coulson. Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics (SSCI list):  Vol 51 Issue 4, pp 480-502. DOI 10.1007/s11146-015-9496-1

  5. Revisiting the Hotel Capitalization Rate (2015). International Journal of Hospitality Management (SSCI list), Vol 46 April pp 151-160.  DOI 10.1016/j.ijhm.2015.02.003.

  6. An Investigation into Sentiment-Induced Institutional Trading Behavior and Asset Pricing in the REIT Market (2015), with J. Freybote and G. Marcato. Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics (SSCI list): Vol 51 Issue 2, pp 160-189.

  7. Does Index Addition Add Any New Information? Evidence from REIT Dividend Forecasts‘(2015), with V. Sah and X. Zhou. Journal of Property Research: Vol 32 Issue 1, pp 33-49

  8. Houses and Apartments: Similar Assets, Different Financials ‘ (2014), with P. Chinloy and J. Wiley. Journal of Real Estate Research (SSCI list): Vol 32 Issue 4, pp 409-433 (Won “Paper of the Year” award- 2014)

  9. Determinants of Premia for Energy-Efficient Design in the Office Market’(2014), with J. Wiley. Journal of Property Research,  Vol 31 No 1 , pp 64-86

More peer-reviewed journal publications

  1. ‘Does Geographic Diversification Reduce Systematic Risk in Hotel REITs?’, with B. Frutig (2020) Journal of Hospitality Financial Management 28(1). (Forthcoming)

  2. ‘The Importance of Micro-Location for Pricing Real Estate Assets’ (2020), with I. Blal & J. Freybote (2020). Journal of Real Estate Portfolio Management. (Forthcoming)

  3. ‘Financial Impact of LEED and Energy Star Certifications on Hotel Revenues’ (2016), with S. Robinson, & A.J. Singh. Journal of Hospitality Financial Management, Vol 24, Issue 2 pp 110-126. DOI 10.1080/10913211.2016.1236567

  4. Strategic Development of REITs in India (2016), with C. Thomas. Journal of Real Estate Literature, Vol 24 No. 1 pp 105-131.

  5. The Role of Hotels in Mixed Asset Portfolios: Revisiting the Asset-Heavy versus Asset-Light Debate’ (2016), with W. Low and C. Piffaretti. International Journal of the Built Environment and Asset Management, Vol 1 No. 4 pp 273-292

  6. The Relationship between Indian Realty Stocks and Online Searches‘ (2015), (Lead article):  with A. Ziobrowski. Journal of Emerging Market Finance: Vol 14 Issue 1, pp 1-19

  7. ‘Real Estate Development Process in India’ (2014), with V. Sah, D. Sharma, V. Singh & L. Galuppo. Journal of Real Estate Literature: Vol 21 Issue 2, 2013,  pp 269-292

  8. Dynamics of Green Rentals over Market Cycles, Evidence from Commercial Office Properties in San Francisco and Washington DC‘ (2011); (Lead article): with A. Tidwell & A. Ziobrowski. Journal of Sustainable Real Estate, Vol 3, 2011, pp 1-26

Publication in practitioner-oriented journals

  1. ‘How to Address the Sensitivity of Commercial Real Estate Valuation to Holding Period’ (2020), with E. Kozorez & R. Thakare. Real Estate Finance. (Forthcoming)

  2. ‘Green Hotels: An Overview’ (2019), with M. Agarwal. Boston Hospitality Review (peer-reviewed). Winter 2019 | View | Download

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  • International Journal of Hospitality Management
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Research Themes

  • Hedonic Pricing
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT)
  • Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS)
  • Investor Sentiments
  • Commercial Real Estate Valuation & Investment
  • Housing Affordability
  • Hotel Investments
  • Google Searches and Real Estate
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